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Midnight Skater VHS

Midnight Skater VHS


Blood Red or White Case, White w/ Blood Spatter VHS tape, hand typed labels, Cover Art painted by Director Luke Campbell. A RARE Cult Classic!

Centered in a small college town, a mysterious skateboarder has been spray painting the campus red prompting six students to try to put an end to his vandalism. Meanwhile, several female students on campus have disappeared with no explanation as to why. Just as the students get close to the graffiti culprit, they realize that this is going to be a course in Murder 101. It's zombies, blood, horror, and college hijinks at its best. Are you prepared to find out the bloody mystery behind the "MIDNIGHT SKATER"?  IMDb

Very Limited Quantities.

90 min. Color.  Digital Video. 2002.

15 USD