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Demon Summer VHS

Demon Summer VHS


Blood Red Case, Blood Red VHS tape, hand typed labels, Cover Art painted by Director Luke Campbell. A RARE Cult Classic!

Every small town has secrets. 20 years ago, the small town of Louisville was stunned by the gruesome death of a local teenaged girl. The case was shrouded in mystery and never solved, and the only man who knows the terrible secret of what really happened that night wanders the streets in silence. Two decades later, a group of meddling high school kids with a summer full of time on their hands get too curious about the mystery and inadvertently resurrect the town’s demons. Now this sleepy suburb will be forced to remember...evil hides in every town. DEMON SUMMER is a fast-paced, gore-drenched Splatter Rampage classic in the tradition of the cult hit EVIL DEAD series! IMDb

Very Limited Quantities.

80 min. Color.  Digital Video. 2003.
15 USD