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Cordoba Nights VHS

Cordoba Nights VHS


Blood Red Case, Blood Red VHS tape, hand typed labels, Cover Art designed by lead actor Raymond Turturro. A RARE Cult Classic!

Finn is a pizza delivery man who's about as burnt out as the city that surrounds him.  Every night he maneuvers the filthy, crime-infested streets of Bronston listening to his old records, nostalgically reminiscing over his will party days as the drummer in a punk rock band and delivering greasy food to even greasier people.  But his luck, as his life, changes when he comes across the free-spirited Ally, an alluring young girl with a wild streak and lust-for-life attitude that brings a glimmer of hope into Finn's daily monotony of a lousy job in a skuzzy city.  The nay catch: she's being hunted down by her homicidally jealous gangster boyfriend who has a team of his squirrelly henchmen scouring the streets looking for Ally and Finn- and if they find him he'll end up as cold as one of his pizzas. IMDb

Very Limited Quantities.

85 min. Color.  16mm. 2007.
15 USD